The Principal brings 36 years of worldwide Footwear experience to ADC. His first foray into footwear was with New Balance in 1978, where he spent 7 years acquiring skills in product development, commercialization and manufacturing. New Balance’s domestic manufacturing provided him with an ideal opportunity to learn the footwear industry from a hands-on perspective. As a marketing manager at Converse for 3 years, he was in charge of the Running, Walking, and Fitness categories. After gaining 10 years of corporate footwear experience, he co-founded Advanced Design Concepts, a service provider to the industry specializing in the conceptualization, research, design & development of footwear and sporting goods equipment. ADC is located in Massachusetts, just north of Boston.


The Lead Designer at Advanced Design Concepts graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Industrial Design. Since that time, he has accumulated almost a decade of footwear related experience. He is well-versed in many different categories…from technical athletic to rugged outdoor to fashion casual. He is constantly striving to create technically superior product that is performance oriented, aesthetically pleasing, and commercially viable. His role at ADC extends beyond design and into development and commercialization. He has traveled within North America as well as to Asia, Europe, and South America to work with a variety of suppliers and manufacturers in the process of developing optimal product for ADC’s many clients. His knowledge of the footwear industry and manufacturing processes allows him to push the design envelope and to create new and innovative product.


ADC has a staff of in-house industrial designers as well as numerous contract design resources and can take the client directly to source, having many supply and manufacturing contacts in North and South America, Europe, & Asia.